• Kenjiro Okazaki, 2016 (details of the new work)

Current Exhibition

Kenjiro Okazaki

10 November - 11 December, 2016

Venue : Takuro Someya Contemporary Art


 For his solo exhibition “POST / UMUM = OCT / OPUS” (Kazenosawa Museum, Miyazaki, 2016) held until October this year, Kenjiro Okazaki had contributed a text entitled, “Deus Ex Machina, or the Dream Sequence of 2040.” Within it he mentions the singularity that is brought forth to the world through artificial intelligence, and articulates his vision of the future in anticipation of the imminent 2045 issue, this touching upon aspects such as machines that embody conscious perception, the whereabouts of human consciousness, and the conditions of the artwork. He further proceeds to state that people will potentially come to discard of consciousness as an inherently characteristic property of human beings through being inspired by the consciousness of machines, enabling them to recognize that they indeed possess a means of judgment that is rooted within the powers of nature, that is to say, matter without a central core that spreads ubiquitously beyond the context of individual bodies and intelligence, embodying a far enriched and inexhaustible extent of possibility. In the same way, the information that is intricately interwoven and consolidated to the principal axis of what is referred as an artwork may be unraveled, expanded, and transcribed into space, to become something that is imperceptible and immaterial. Nevertheless, Okazai mentions that this is a positive course in the sense that “the true value of the artwork as a medium, will come to manifest more clearly than ever before.”read more

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