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Hideki Makiguchi, Elena Tutatchikova | In the Beginning, Silence was Always Silence

10 October - 14 November, 2015

Venue : Takuro Someya Contemporary Art

  • “Untitled”, 2012, C-print, image size: 105x83cm

  • From the series “After an Apple Falls from the Tree, There is a Sound -林檎が木から落ちるとき、音が生まれる-”, 2015, C-print, image size: 70×57.7cm

Hideki Makiguchi and Elena Tutatchikova will participate in our next exhibition entitled In the Beginning, Silence was Always Silence.


Hideki Makiguchi was born in Sapporo City in 1985 and Elena Tutatchikova was born in Moscow in 1984. Both are based in Tokyo and asides photography, produce works of video, installation, drawings, and essays.


In this exhibition, the idea that the time of cycle and stillness constitutes space is described in the word “silence” used in the exhibition title.


Silence is always attached to photography. However, that is not to say that its existence is nothing or that nothing can be heard. In reality, maybe it exists as something that can be heard because of the fact that it exists within photography.


From Makiguchi’s photographs, a powerful sense of existence can be felt through the absence of people in a city or in a particular environment and in Tutatchikova’s photographs, the people within nature makes their “existence” universal.


When we look at the cycle or stillness that is reflected in their works, the time “in the beginning” or the time that was always there can perhaps be comprehended as a form of mythological repetition. We would be glad if you could use this as an opportunity to verify that memories and imaginations of existence are perhaps a lifeline that supports humankind.


Hideki Makiguchi 1985 Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido 2009 Tama Art University, Bachelor’s Degree 2011 Tokyo University of the Arts, Masters Degree in Intermediate Art Solo exhibitions to date: 「Back is always the void」Vacant(Tokyo,2010) ,「ありふれた場所の、静かで限りなく無に近い、目に見えない何か」LIQUIDROOM(Tokyo, 2012)


Elena Tutatchikova 1984 Born in Moscow, Russia A resident of Tokyo since 2012, after graduating from Moscow State Conservatory (University) of P.I. Tchaikovsky and studying at the Department of Oriental Culture and Classical Antiquity at the Russian State University of the Humanities 2015 Enrolled in Doctoral Course at Tokyo University of the Arts after obtaining her Master’s Degree in Intermediate Art 2014 Higashikawa International Photo Festival, winner of「赤レンガポートフォリオオーディション」


Solo exhibitions include After an Apple Falls From the Tree, There is a Sound POETIC SCAPE(Tokyo, 2015, The Photographic Society of Japan To the Northern Shores MUSEE F (Tokyo, 2015)


Hideki Makiguchi, Elena Tutatchikova | In the Beginning, Silence was Always Silence

Support: Shashinkosha, Photographers’ Laboratory, POETIC SCAPE, KEWA

Exhibition period: 2015.10.10 (sat) – 11.14 (sat) Opening reception: 10.10 (sat) 18:00 – 20:00


Tuesday – Saturday 12:00 – 19:00 (Closed on Sundays, Mondays and National Holidays)

3-9-11-1F Minamiazabu Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047 Japan TEL 03-6804-3018 |FAX 03-4578-0318 |E-MAIL

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