Past Exhibition

Shuhei Ise, Enrico Isamu Oyama, Mayumi Hosokura, Rafaël Rozendaal

16 April - 21 May, 2022

Venue : Takuro Someya Contemporary Art

  • Shuhei Ise, “Curtain,” 2019-2022, Oil on canvas, (H)41 x (W)31.8 cm

  • Enrico Isamu Oyama, “FFIGURATI Drawing #19,” 2011, Photo by Shu Nakagawa

  • Mayumi Hosokura, “NEW SKIN #59-12,” 2019, Archival inkjet prints, (H)42 x (W)42 x (D)3.5 cm

  • Rafaël Rozendaal “Extra Nervous 20 08 08,” 2020, Plexiglass in wooden frame | (H)29.9 x (W)42.1 x (D)2.8 cm, Photo by Shu Nakagawa

Takuro Someya Contemporary Art is pleased to announce a group show of works by Shuhei Ise, Enrico Isamu Oyama, Mayumi Hosokura, Rafaël Rozendaal, opening Saturday, April 16th.

Shuhei Ise, Enrico Isamu Oyama, Mayumi Hosokura, Rafaël Rozendaal

Exhibition Period: Saturday, April 16, 2022 – Saturday, May 21, 2022
Open: Tue - Sat 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Closed: Sun, Mon and National Holidays
*Golden Week: Apr 29, May 1, 3-5
Takuro Someya Contemporary Art
TSCA 3F TERRADA Art Complex 1-33-10 Higashi-Shinagawa Shinagawa-ku Tokyo 140-0002 Japan

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Artist Profile

Shuhei Ise
Shuhei Ise is a Japanese painter born in 1986, Yamagata. Studying oil painting techniques and materials at 1st laboratory of the department of oil painting in Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Fine Arts, he completed the doctoral course in painting at the same university in 2017. Major exhibitions include, among others, Einfach Malerei (2012), Academy of Fine Arts Muenster, A Throw of the Dice (2015) and Brusk Brush (2017), both taken place at Takuro Someya Contemporary Art, Takahashi Collection - Face and Abstraction (2018), Kiyoharu Art Colony, JPN_3 (2018), Sprout Curation, Between figure and contour (2019), 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Mere Painting (2020), Takuro Someya Contemporary Art,
His current solo exhibition, Chasing Me/You Gone By, is being held at his new artist-run space, Colloquium, in Sendai city (~June 12th, 2022).

Enrico Isamu Oyama
Oyama (b. 1983) received his MFA from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2009.
He has garnered critical acclaim within the contemporary art scene for his signature motif, the “Quick Turn Structure,” which has its origins in the visual language of aerosol writing and street culture.
In 2011 Oyama received a grant from the Asian Cultural Council for a stay in New York City and went on to establish his studio in Brooklyn.
Major solo exhibitions include, among others, the Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery (JP), Fujisawa City Art Space (JP), Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, London (UK), Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art, Kansas (US), Pola Museum, Hakone (JP), Nakamura Keith Haring Museum, Yamanashi (JP), and Tower 49 Gallery, New York (US).
Oyama’s publications include Against Literacy: On Graffiti Culture (LIXIL Publishing), The Real Faces of Street Art: New York Writing Culture (Seidosha), and The Art in the Streets: From Twombly to Banksy (Kodansha).
Additionally, he served as editor of a special issue on aerosol writing for Japanese art magazine Bijitsu Techo and has collaborated with brands such as Comme des Garçons, Shu Uemura, JINS, and Audi. In 2020 Oyama opened a studio in Tokyo and now works between Japan and the US.

Mayumi Hosokura
Lives in Tokyo and Kyoto.
Mayumi Hosokura’s haptically visual photography and video works address the shifting boundaries between body and sexuality, human and artificial, and organic and inorganic materials. She studied literature at the University of Ritsumeikan and photography at the Nihon University College of Art.
Major solo exhibitions include NEW SKIN, Mumei, Tokyo (2019), Jubilee, nomad nomad, Hong Kong (2017), Cyalium, G/P gallery, Tokyo (2016), CRYSTAL LOVE STARLIGHT, G/P gallery, Tokyo (2014), and Transparency is the new mystery, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei (2012).
Major group exhibitions include Digitalis or First-Person Camera | Umi Ishihara, Maiko Endo, Yokna Hasegawa, Mayumi Hosokura, Takuro Someya Contemporary Art, Tokyo (2021), The Body Electric, National Gallery of Art, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra (2020), Things So Faint But Real: Contemporary Japanese Photography vol. 15, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Tokyo (2018), Close to the Edge: New Photography from Japan, Miyako Yoshinaga, New York (2016), Tokyo International Photography Festival, Art Factory Jonanjima, Tokyo (2015), and Reflected – Works from the Foam Collection, Foam Amsterdam, Amsterdam (2014).
Hosokura has published numerous photobooks, including Jubilee, artbeat publishers (2017), transparency is the new mystery, MACK (2016), FASHION EYE KYOTO by Mayumi Hosokura, LOUIS VUITTON (2021).
She is currently participating in 10/10 Celebrating Contemporary Japanese Women Photographers at KYOTOGRAPHIE Kyoto International Photography Festival 2022 (~Sunday, May 8th).
Her work belongs to the public collection at Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, among others.

Rafaël Rozendaal
A pioneer of the net art scene, Rozendaal (b. 1980) is a Dutch-Brazilian artist who uses the internet as both his studio and his canvas. While he initially gained global prominence from his websites, Rozendaal has creatively utilized the internet—“the universal library”—to transcend these digital works into the physical world, be it his lenticular paintings, tapestries, and web installations.
In 2018, Rozendaal held his first solo museum exhibition GENEROSITY at Towada Art Center in Aomori Prefecture, Japan. Other recent major exhibitions include, among others, the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York (USA), Centre Pompidou, Paris (FR), Dordrechts Museum (NL), Kunsthal Rotterdam (NL), Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (NL), and Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (USA).
Publications include Home Alone (Three Star Books) and Everything, Always, Everywhere (Valiz).

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