Past Exhibition

Rafaël Rozendaal I’m good

23 January - 20 February, 2010

Venue : TSCA Tokyo

  • installation view at TSCA, 2010

  • installation view at TSCA, 2010

  • “I’m good” installation view at TSCA, 2010

  • installation view at TSCA, 2010

  • installation view at TSCA, 2010

  • installation view at TSCA, 2010

TSCA is pleased to announce our first exhibition with Rafaël Rozendaal: “I’m Good”.

Using the internet as a medium, Rozendaal engages with programmers and painters to create his interactive artwork. Ideas begin as drawings and are digitally filtered and compiled online to create minimalist Flash websites that respond to the simple click or drag of the viewer’s mouse.

The unlimited accessibility of the internet allows his domains to act as both collection and public display, a combination that is at the heart of his work.

Rozendaal’s first solo exhibit in Japan, “I’m Good” features 13 drawings, 2 new paintings and 3 Flash website creations: aesthetic echo .com, an endless geometric landscape sliding across the screen, hybrid moment .com, bursts of color exploding from the screen’s center at speeds determined by the viewer’s cursor, and from the dark past .com, a mountainous landscape illuminated by spotlight with a click of the mouse.

Unlike film or animation, Rozendaal’s work rejects the necessity of story, featuring instead simplistic visuals such as a mirror image of the viewer’s hand guiding the mouse across the screen, or a cursor shrunk until it is barely visible. His pieces examine “Things” in their pure state.

In the world of computers and the internet, where the notion of success as something achieved through a gradual procession of steps is often tossed aside, Rozendaal is no exception. With the online world as his canvas, acting as both storage for and exhibition of his art, his domains receive more than 1.3 million hits per month, a success of no small measure.

“I’m Good” will be on display through February 20, 2010.


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